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11 May 2020


1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Underage Sales Prevention Course – £50/person

The Underage Sales Prevention Course is designed to support a role in the workplace for learners working or preparing to work in retail or in licensed premises offering age-restricted products and/or services.

Underage Sales Prevention Course allows learners to choose between 5 different pathways, depending on their specific job role:

  • Retail
  • Licensed hospitality
  • Gambling
  • Restricted entertainment
  • Body modification

Entry requirements
To register on to this qualification, learners are required to be 16 years of age or above and it is recommended that they are working at level 2 in both numeracy literacy.

The Underage Sales Prevention Course can be added as a top up qualification to the Personal Licence Course or for members of staff working at the tills and check-out points where underage customers can be challenge for their sale.

How long will it take?

Typically 1/2 a day

Topics covered

Learners who complete this Underage Sales Prevention Course qualification will understand the age restrictions, legal responsibilities and penalties that apply to their chosen pathway. They will also know how to prevent unlawful sales of age-restricted products or services:

1. Preventing underage sales in retail and licensed
2. Know current legislation relating to the sale and purchase of age restricted products
3. Understand licensing, age restrictions, legal responsibilities and penalties that apply to retail
4. Describe the benefits of recording admission and sales refusals
5. Identify the legal penalties for employers, employees and customers that apply to the unlawful sale and purchase of age-restricted products and services including proxy sales
6. Identify the legal age-restrictions that apply to products and services within licensed hospitality, including the admission of children

Assessment method and certification

This Underage Sales Prevention Course qualification is assessed by multiple-choice examination. This method of assessment is an end-of-course exam. During the exam learners are required to choose 1 of the prescribed options to answer set examination questions. The qualification is graded pass or fail.

The examination for this qualification must be completed within 30 minutes and contains:

• 12 core questions with a pass mark of 8

• 6 pathway specific questions with a pass mark of 4

Certificates for the successful candidates will be dispatched within 2 weeks from the course date – these will be issued by our awarding body Highfield.

New offer*: Organisations looking to book a minimum of 2 courses for groups of 6 or more, will be offered a 20% discount, please get in touch to discuss and get your quote and book a convenient date.

Hourly Schedule

Course Starting
Registration and main subjects
Afternoon Break
15 Minutes break
Pre-examination recap
Exam Time
Invigilation and Examination - 45 minutes
End of Course
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